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 3D Model Formats

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PostSubject: 3D Model Formats   3D Model Formats Icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2017 2:16 pm

For my opinion these are the most usable format for every WebGL applications:

MD2 Quake models format: Introduced in 1997 from ID software for Quake2 game engine. Multitextures supported and skinning animations data. I found some good examples in

Direct3D (.X): This is the Microsoft Direct3D file format basically used in many game engines.

Collada: its been introduced in 2004 and this is multipurpose and versatile format. But unfortunately I hadn't found great examples in

Autodesk FBX: developed and owned by Autodesk that's why its supported by all major 3D softwares as Cinema4D, Softimage 3D, Lightwave, Maya and 3D Studio Max.
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3D Model Formats
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