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 Plastigence CHANGELOG

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PostSubject: Plastigence CHANGELOG   Plastigence CHANGELOG Icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2017 10:19 am

- Assign element name based on name + progressive number.
- Dinamically assign new button plugin based on plugin class.

- Plastigence now works properly on server side.
- Dinamically load plugins from server via ajax.

- Introduced different plugin classes.
- Plugins are now properly assigned and installed based on class type.

- SOLVED: changing object name property and dinamically fill the interface.
- Different controls like sidebars and toolbar are now implemented.
- Objects can now selected via 3D Space and selectedbox a both.

- Dinamically assigning material to objects added.
- String argument range of character lenght is now working.
- Rotations property based on radiance has been implemented.
- SOLVED: float min and max value range added.
- SOLVED: scaling object from default size.
- FIXED: dynamic selectbox on change to the same focus.
- FIXED: limit alphanumerical input for input fields.

- Materials slots have been implemented.
- Number of definable materials of the material editor added.

- Default object material added.
- Element remove function added.
- Buttons control added.
- FIXED: object name editing issue.
- FIXED: min and max value in input type.
- FIXED: scaling objects from default size.

- Color picker added.
- String, Boolean, Float, Color controls added.
- Defined CTRL(1,2,3,4) property for the interface plugins.
- Every plugins can now set his own controls and spaced to the sidebar.

- Plugins architecture has been implemented.

- The working space interface is now ready.
- Introduces the interface controls library.
- Customizable interface via CSS.

- The main core has been added to the project.
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Plastigence CHANGELOG
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